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In an attempt to successfully get one of my articles published, I decided to research various magazines and journals that may fit the criteria for my personal piece. The piece I chose to try and publish is my personal narrative titled, “Reality Check”, which focuses on my break into professional wrestling and concludes with my first match in front of a live audience. One of the first possible destinations I discovered for a possible publishing opportunity ended up being my final choice. Creative Nonfiction Magazine is a company based out of Pittsburgh, and overall they tend to publish all types of articles, ranging from narratives to journalistic reports. Under their submission guidelines, it is explained that all types of subject matter are accepted, and anything that is personal yet informative is always a plus. Hearing the guidelines made me realize that my article could fit well within the magazine. 

I did not have to do extensive research for my article as it was based solely off of a personal experience and my feelings and emotions during that time. I did, however, talk briefly to my parents, who were at the event, and I gathered their overall reactions and emotions during my first match. In order to make the article the best it could be, I attempted to use a lot of description and detail in presenting what was occurring in the various moments. The best narratives are usually written in a way that the reader can easily paint a mental picture at what they are reading, and that was exactly what I wanted to accomplish with my piece. 

I emailed my article to the lead editor of Creative Nonfiction Magazine, and as of this moment I have yet to hear back. I don’t expect to hear back by the time the semester is finished, mainly because of the many submissions I’m sure the magazine receives on a daily basis, and also due to the fact that my article may still have a few corrections or edits that need to be taken care of before being publishable. 

        Being a novice writer is a pretty tough and frustrating process, and at times it makes me wonder if it is all worth it. I am in my forth year of college and still don’t have an exact plan i what I’m going to do when I graduate. I have my hopes and dreams, just like everyone else, but as of this moment that is all they are…hopes…and…dreams. My biggest problem at the moment is my ability to procrastinate. I have so many ideas when it comes to stories, screenplays in particular, but I always have trouble finding the time to finish them, and for the most part, start them. I certainly fear what my life will be like after college, and I hope I can advance in the world of professional writing, but as of now all I can do is continue to work hard in school and practice at the craft. My ultimate goal is to one day see my name in the credits of a major motion picture…

Written by Cameron Bucar




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What personality traits do you think it takes to write:

Creatively: In order to write creatively, the author must possess the ability to use his or her imagination frequently and effectively. You must be able to imagine characters, locations, plot lines, and descriptive details the audience can visualize. A creative writer must be passionate about their work, and not be afraid to take chances in creating something new and original for their audience to appreciate and draw interest to.

Journalistically: Becoming a journalist requires the author to be passionate, honest, and patient. Creating a journalistic piece requires a lot of research and development, and anyone that is trying to create a newsworthy story must have the patience and passion to acquire such information over a long period of time. You must also be reliable and honest, as to build a relationship with your readers, so that they find you credible and believable.

Academically: Becoming an academic, or scholarly writer, means that you must possess a lot of skill and passion in dealing with the subject you are writing on. Similar to Journalism, academic writing features a lot of detailed research that must be done correctly and honestly.


What writing skills do you think it takes to write:

Creatively:  You must have a great imagination, and be able to put a story together in a detailed fashion, giving the audience a beginning, middle, and ending to your story. You must also be able to write very descriptively, painting a vivid picture for your audience.

Journalistically: You must know how to incorporate your research into your piece properly, without copying someone else’s work. You need to be able to write grammatically correct, editing your work properly

Academically: Once again, you must record your research findings properly, and have a vast knowledge of your topic. Writing skills must be polished, and editing skills are a must.


Work We Have Read:

I believe the piece about the Leper Island showcased a combination of all three writing styles. The narrator was able to be creative in how she put the piece together, fusing scenes and character development. She was also very journalistic and scholarly in her research and data, tracing a fine timeline and sharing a detailed view of the island and its residents.

I think writers of the 21st century will need to be able to write in some of these various writing styles, depending on the type of writing he or she plans to go for.


In the article, Norman is presenting his opinion on the case of Jordan Miles, an African American Pittsburgh resident, who was beaten severely by local police, who at the time believed Miles was carrying a gun at the scene. It was later revealed that Miles was only carrying a Mountain Dew bottle, yet any possible charges against the officers for the overall brutality committed against Miles, has been dismissed. Norman clearly presents his overall frustration within the case by alluding to the details of the police brutality and how ridiculous the results have been since the court hearing. Norman supports his views by stating the facts, and that racism may have played a major role in the case, seeing as all three police officers were white males, and the victim was a young black male. Norman seems to be very passionate on the subject, as he leaves little to no room in making a defense for the other side. The police officers, and the justice served onto young Miles seems to have had no reason for happening on that particular evening, and Norman is very clear in agreeing with that notion. I truly believe that an opinion article should reflect on your true beliefs on a certain subject, and sugar coating your statements, or going back on initial views will only make the article seem weak, or non-believable. With that being said, I would not change any of the information Norman presented, as I would be as up front and honest on a opinion piece as Norman was. Overall, I feel the article was well written, and I could clearly feel the emotion behind the piece, and that Norman was writing for a reason.

Issue- When to cancel classes at the University if it snows, and or is extremely cold temperatures.

Opinion Piece: 

When constructing an opinion peace on this particular subject, I would research online in depth to construct data and figures to present in my piece, making my opinion more credible. I would compare closing rates between universities, and also check into accident and death rates related to students traveling to schools during bad weather situations. I would give my honest opinion, without going to overboard in expressing my feelings, taking the chance of turning away some of my readers who may be leaning toward the other side of the argument. Doing an opinion piece on this subject would be beneficial to bringing awareness on the subject in an attempt to make a difference towards commuters at a university. But finding all of the reliable facts and data results would be a long, and difficult process that would take a lot of time to accomplish properly. 

Narrative Piece:

Telling this story in narrative form would completely take away the research aspect of the article, and focus more on the story telling aspect. After describing my main focus in universities needing to be more caring for commuting students, I would follow my main point by sharing a personal story that involves an accident that happened to me while trying to make it to class on a snowy afternoon. I would share my story in detail, breaking it down just as any novel or short story would, having a beginning, middle, and end. After telling the shocking story of almost wrecking my vehicle off of a cliff, I would finish the article by once again stating my point, and how the matter could be resolved. Telling your story in narrative form is a quick, easy way to get your point across, showing your particular knowledge on the subject. But at the same time, your story may be more opinion and emotion filled, which would contain less facts and reliable data, making your readers have to have trust in you.

 Magazine Story:

When writing a magazine story, first I would interview students, getting their opinion on the matter and what they believe should be done on the subject. I may interview many students to break down large poll results, or to achieve a more personal story, I may interview only a few, bringing their own personal stories on the subject. I would talk to both commuting and on campus students, and relate the similarities and differences in their opinions. Speaking to the president of the university would also bring a great lead to the story, and learning her view on the subject, especially having to hear the opinions of multiple students, would certainly bring attention to the matter. Writing a magazine article on the subject would be a great way to spread the awareness of the story and have it reach out to many readers across many different campuses. The only downfall would be the amount of time and effort you must spend interviewing your subjects, making sure you have enough information to write your article, and enough quality information to make your piece presentable. 


Welcome Wrestling Fans!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to CamTheMan’s blog where we as a community can talk non stop wrestling. I in fact have done some professional wrestling over the past 5 years, and have inside views and scoops into the wild world of wrestling. This blog will be dedicated to those who are true fans and would like to have all of the latest news and rumors, as well as reviews and results! Please stay tuned for more information to come as things are just getting started!


WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2014, Pittsburgh PA